The art newspaper "ThreeSixO" appears several times a year. Here we present an artistic phenomenon, as it can be experienced in the panoramas: that of immersion. Immersion refers to a border-dissolving immersion in a topic. Various forms of artistic expression such as theatre performances, literary works or spatial installations such as the cylindrical panoramas will be thematized. Art that is capable of drawing the viewer from the here and now into other worlds. Enjoy reading!

Edition 06
September 2019

The New Infinity – Die neue Unendlichkeit der Berliner Festspiele

Ganzfeld „Aural“ – Die erhellenden Nebel von James Turrell

Wenn die Nase Augen macht – Der Smeller 2.0 von Wolfgang Georgsdorf

Die Cyborgs kommen – Cyborg performing theater vom Berliner BORGTHEATER